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Your privacy is our top priority. Checkout our privacy policy for more detail that how we protect your data and keep it private.


Whenever you visit our site, we collect your information automatically on our site.

  • Your name

  • Company name

  • Contact information that includes telephone number and email.

  • The communication information includes chat transcripts and emails.

  • Designs stored on your application such as artwork or embroidery design

  • Social information when you connect with us through any social media platform

Do you collect credit/debit cards or any sensitive data?

All payments have been processed through PayPal. We never collect sensitive data credit/debit card data.

Is OUR detail secure, which is given through the order form or email?

Your email addresses or any other information collected through the order form or E-mail will not be shared/published anyone

How do you use OUR information?

These are the main reasons in which your information data is used below.

  • To personalize your data and provide the service that is best suited for your requirement.

  • Email address used just for ensuring the order delivery.

  • Custom offers and for sending free designs without any cost.

How do you protect OUR information?

When you submit the order form, then all the information you have submitted to us will be encrypted. Also, we protect your other data in our secure database. Don't worry about it.

Other links

Mayor may not on an occasional basis include other site links on our site. The primary purpose of mentioning any link on our website will be to provide the best quality work.

Note: All those links will be relevant to our customer’s needs. Will not be promoted Any irrelevant link here.

Does this privacy policy apply to offline information too?

No! This privacy policy applies only to online information which is collected through our website or any social media platform.

Your consent

By using our website, you agree with our privacy policy.

Change in the privacy policy

We may change our privacy policy without any prior notice. But all the updates will be visible on this page.

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